Marissa is a…librarian. reader. lover of pizza. writer. taurus. lefty. Hoosier by birth. English citizen by parentage. quilter. crosstitcher. traveler. redhead. NIN fan. friend. daughter. sister. wife. instagram @theloudlibrarian

Johnna is a… grant writer. chef. lover of balsamic vinegar. writer. leo. righty. Hoosier. house flipper. traveler. blonde. concert goer. friend. daughter. sister. wife. mother. instagram @lilhan211

Why “Stubborn Sunshine”?

Marissa is a very bull-headed Taurus, and Johnna is a free-spirited Leo…Taurus folks are known for being stubborn, and Leos for being the center, the sunshine, of every gathering. We combined our traits, and voila! Plus, we’re both upbeat, positive people… stubbornly seeking the sunshine in every situation.

Why did you decide to start a blog?

We’re two girls, living in small-town Indiana, who want nothing more than to share some tasty recipes, good reads, fabulous travel destinations, fashionable ideas and thoughts on life, love and the perfect night in the fields, watching the fireflies dance.

Can I share your posts or pictures?

Absolutely, but please link back to us and give us credit. Thanks!

Can we work together?

We love working with brands and people we believe in, and would consider reviews, giveaways, or sponsored posts. send us an email, and let’s chat!

How can I reach you?

Email us at theloudlibrarian @ yahoo.com

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