2021 Book Review Index

2021 – 91 titles read (by Marissa)

(F – fiction, NF – nonfiction, AB – audiobook, YA – young adult, J- juvenile, GN – graphic novel. K – Kindle)

Abrams, Stacey. While Justice Sleeps. F, AB.
Adams, Lyssa Kay. Isn’t It Bromantic? F, K.
Adams, Sara Nisha. The Reading List. F, K.
Adams, Taylor. Hairpin Bridge. F, K.
Airgood, Ellen. Tin Camp Road. F,K.
Audrain, Ashley. The Push. F, K.

Baker, Chandler. The Husbands. F, K.
Bjarnason, Egill. How Iceland Changed the World. NF, K.
Blau, Jessica Anya. Mary Jane. F, K.
Brazier, Eliza Jane. If I Disappear. F, K.
Bromley, Kate. Talk Bookish to Me. F, AB.

Cameron, Lindsay. Just One Look. F, K.
Carter, Mary Dixie. The Photographer. F, K.
Castillo, Linda. Fallen. F, K.
Christian, Claire. It’s Been a Pleasure, Noni Blake. F, K.
Cobb, May. The Hunting Wives. F, AB.
Cosimano, Elle. Finlay Donovan is Killing It. F, AB.
Cross-Smith, Leesa. This Close to Okay. F, K.

Dalton, Julie Carrick. Waiting for the Night Song. F, K.
Dave, Laura. The Last Thing He Told Me. F, K.
Dean, Abigail. Girl A. F, K.
Doan, Amy Mason. Lady Sunshine. F, K.
Doller, Trish. Float Plan. F, K.

Ellis, Helen. Bring Your Baggage and Don’t Pack Light. NF, K.

Fluke, Joanna. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder. F, K.

Gilliland, Raquel Vasquez. How Moon Fuentez Fell in Love With the Universe. F, YA, K.
Graff, Andrew J. Raft of Stars. F, K.
Greeley, Molly. The Heiress. F, K.
Green, John. The Anthropocene Reviewed. NF.
Groff, Lauren. Matrix. F, K.
Guillory, Jasmine. Party of Two. F, AB.
Guillory, Jasmine. While We Were Dating. F, AB.

Haig, Matt. The Comfort Book. NF, K.
Hannah, Kristin. The Four Winds. F, K.
Harper, Jane. The Survivors. F, K.
Hawkins, Paula. A Slow Fire Burning, F, K.
Henry, Emily. People We Meet on Vacation. F, K.
Heiney, Katherine. Early Morning Riser. F, K.
Hepworth, Sally. The Good Sister. F, K.
Hibbert, Talia. Act Your Age, Eve Brown. F, AB.
Howard, Catherine Ryan. 56 Days. F, K.

Itami, Emily. Fault Lines, F, K.

Jackson, Joshilyn. Mother May I. F, AB.
Jaouad, Suleika. Between Two Kingdoms. NF, K.
Jonasson, Ragnar. The Girl Who Died. F, K.

Katsu, Alma. Red Widow. F, K.
Kent, Emily. The Little Book of Cottagecore. NF, K.
Kepnes, Caroline. You Love Me. F, K.
Kline, Christina Baker. The Exiles. F.
Korelitz, Jean Hanff. The Plot. F, K.
Kristof, Nicholas and WuDunn, Sheryl. Tightrope. NF.
Kubica, Mary. Local Woman Missing. F, AB.

Lackberg, Camilla. Silver Tears. F, K.
Lange, Tracey. We Are the Brennans. F, K.
Lawson, Jenny. Broken (in the Best Possible Way). NF, K.
Lee, Edward. Buttermilk Graffiti. NF.
Lloyd, Ellery. People Like Her. F, K.
Lovering, Carola. Too Good To Be True. F, K.

Mason, Meg. Sorrow and Bliss. F, K.
Maynard, Joyce. Count the Ways. F, K.
McCarthy, Andrew. Brat. NF, K.
McConaughey, Matthew. Greenlights. NF, K.
McKenzie, Mia. Skye Falling. F, K.
Michaelides, Alex. The Maidens. F, K.
Miller, Kristin. The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives. F, K.
Miranda, Megan. Such a Quiet Place. F, K.

North, Anna. Outlawed. F, K.

Oakley, Colleen. The Invisible Husband of Frick Island. F, AB.
Oliver, Mary. Devotions. NF, K.

Parks, Adele. Just My Luck. F, K.
Pearse, Sarah. The Sanatorium. F, K.
Penny, Louise. Still Life. F, K.
Pishiris, Christina. Love Songs for Skeptics. F, K.

Quinn, Cate. Black Widows. F, K.

Ray, Eleanor. The Missing Treasures of Amy Ashton. F, K.
Reid, Taylor Jenkins. Malibu Rising. F, K.
Rous, Emma. The Perfect Guests. F, K.
Russo, Kate. Super Host. F, K.

Shafrir, Doree. Thanks for Waiting. NF, K.
Spencer, Kate. Dead Mom’s Club. NF.
Springora, Vanessa. Consent. NF, K.
Steadman, Catherine. The Disappearing Act. F, AB.
Swanson, Peter. Every Vow You Break. F, K.

Tschida, Sam. Siri, Who Am I? F, K.

Vanderbilt, Tom. Beginners. NF, K.
Vida, Vendela. We Run the Tides. F, K.

Weiner, Jennifer. That Summer. F, AB.
Weir, Andy. Project Hail Mary. F, K.
Whitehead, Colson. Harlem Shuffle. F, K.
Willems, Maartje. The Lost Art of Doing Nothing. NF, K.

Zauner, Michelle. Crying in H Mart. NF, AB.