2021 Book Review Index

2021 – 33 titles read (by Marissa)

(F – fiction, NF – nonfiction, AB – audiobook, YA – young adult, J- juvenile, GN – graphic novel. K – Kindle)

Audrain, Ashley. The Push. F, K.

Brazier, Eliza Jane. If I Disappear. F, K.

Christian, Claire. It’s Been a Pleasure, Noni Blake. F, K.
Cross-Smith, Leesa. This Close to Okay. F, K.

Dalton, Julie Carrick. Waiting for the Night Song. F, K.
Dean, Abigail. Girl A. F, K.
Doller, Trish. Float Plan. F, K.

Fluke, Joanna. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder. F, K.

Graff, Andrew J. Raft of Stars. F, K.
Greeley, Molly. The Heiress. F, K.

Hannah, Kristin. The Four Winds. F, K.
Harper, Jane. The Survivors. F, K.
Hepworth, Sally. The Good Sister. F, K.

Jaouad, Suleika. Between Two Kingdoms. NF, K.

Katsu, Alma. Red Widow. F, K.
Kent, Emily. The Little Book of Cottagecore. NF, K.
Kristof, Nicholas and WuDunn, Sheryl. Tightrope. NF.

Lloyd, Ellery. People Like Her. F, K.
Lovering, Carola. Too Good To Be True. F, K.

Mason, Meg. Sorrow and Bliss. F, K.
McConaughey, Matthew. Greenlights. NF, K.

North, Anna. Outlawed. F, K.

Pearse, Sarah. The Sanatorium. F, K.

Quinn, Cate. Black Widows. F, K.

Rous, Emma. The Perfect Guests. F, K.
Russo, Kate. Super Host. F, K.

Spencer, Kate. Dead Mom’s Club. NF.
Springora, Vanessa. Consent. NF, K.
Swanson, Peter. Every Vow You Break. F, K.

Tschida, Sam. Siri, Who Am I? F, K.

Vanderbilt, Tom. Beginners. NF, K.
Vida, Vendela. We Run the Tides. F, K.

Willems, Maartje. The Lost Art of Doing Nothing. NF, K.