2018 Book Review Index

2018 – 73 titles read (by Marissa)

(F – fiction, NF – nonfiction, AB – audiobook, YA – young adult, J- juvenile, K – Kindle read, S-Serial App)

Allnutt, Luke. We Own the Sky. F, K.
Ausiello, Michael. Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies. NF.

Bohjalian, Chris. The Flight Attendant. F, K.
Burton, Tara Isabella. Social Creature. F, K.

Castillo, Linda. A Gathering of Secrets. F, K.
Center, Katherine. How To Walk Away. F, K.
Chapman, Gary. The Five Love Languages. NF.
Chiklis, Autumn. Smothered. F, K.
Choi, Mary H. K. Emergency Contact. F, YA.
Clark, Mary Higgins. Every Breath You Take. F, AB.

Dalcher, Christina. Vox. F, K.
Dare, Tessa. The Governess Game. F, K.
de los Santos, Marisa. I’ll Be Your Blue Sky. F, K.

Faye, Gael. Small Country. F.
Feeney, Alice. Sometimes I Lie. F, K.
Flanters, Cait. The Year of Less. NF.
Franklin, Tee, et al. Bingo Love. F, YA.
Friedland, Elyssa. The Intermission. F, K.
Fu, Kim. The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore. F, K.

Genova, Lisa. Every Note Played. F, K.
Giffin, Emily. All We Ever Wanted. F, K.
Giordano, Raphaelle. Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One. F, K.
Goenawan, Clarissa. Rainbirds. F.
Greenwood, T. Rust and Stardust. F, K.

Hall, Araminta. Our Kind of Cruelty. F, K.
Hannah, Kristin. The Great Alone. F, K.
Hoang, Helen. The Kiss Quotient. F, K.

Kepnes, Caroline. Providence. F, K.
Kinsella, Sophie. Surprise Me. F, K.
Krasnostein, Sarah. The Trauma Cleaner. NF, K.
Kurson, Robert. Rocket Men. NF.

Lawhon, Ariel. I Was Anastasia. F, K.
Lee, Edward. Buttermilk Graffiti. NF.

Macintosh, Clare. Let Me Lie. F, K.
Magnusson, Margareta. The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning. NF.
Mailhot, Terese Marie. Heart Berries. NF.
Mangan, Christine. Tangerine. F, K.
Mastromonaco, Alyssa. Who Thought This Was a Good Idea? NF, K.
McKinnon, Hannah Mary. The Neighbors. F, K.
McNamara, Michelle. I’ll Be Gone in the Dark. NF.
Mecham, Jesse. You Need a Budget. NF.
Mecham, Jesse. You Need a Budget. NF.
Mohammadi, Kamin. Bella Figura. NF.
Mustich, James. 1000 Books to Read Before You Die. NF, K.

Pekkanen, Sarah. The Ever After. F, K.
Perri, Camille. When Katie Met Cassidy. F, K.

Rai, Alisha. Hate to Want You. F.
Rao, Shobha. Girls Burn Brighter. F.

Retta. So Close to Being the Sh*t, Y’all Don’t Even Know. NF, K.
Rhys, Jean. Wide Sargasso Sea. F.
Riess, Natalie. Space Battle Lunchtime. F, YA.

Sedaris, David. Calypso. NF.
Shepard, Sara. The Elizas. F, K.
Slaughter, Karin. Pieces of Her. F, K.
Slimani, Leila. The Perfect Nanny. F, K.
Soule, Charles. The Oracle Year. F, K.
Spence, Annie. Dear Fahrenheit 451. NF.
Steadman, Catherine. Something in the Water. F, K.
Strawser, Jessica. Not That I Could Tell. F.
Swanson, Peter. All the Beautiful Lies. F, K.

Tamblyn, Amber. Any Man. F, K.

Umrigar, Thrity. Everybody’s Son. F, K.
Union, Gabrielle. We’re Going to Need More Wine. NF.

Walsh, Rosie. Ghosted. F, K.
Ward, Jesmyn. Sing Unburied Sing. F.
Waxman, Abbi. Other People’s Houses. F.
Wiking, Meik. The Little Book of Lykke. NF.
Williams, Terry Tempest. The Hour of Land. NF.
Winman, Sarah. Tin Man. F, K.
Witherspoon, Reese. Whiskey in a Teacup. NF, K.
Wolitzer, Meg. The Female Persuasion. F, K.

Yanagihara, Hanya. A Little Life. F, K.
Youngson, Anne. Meet Me at the Museum. F.