2022 Book Review Index

2022 – 103 titles read (by Marissa)

(F – fiction, NF – nonfiction, AB – audiobook, YA – young adult, J- juvenile, GN – graphic novel. K – Kindle)

Allen, Sarah Addison. Other Birds. F, K.
Anderson, Becca. The Joy of Self-Care. NF, K.

Belle, Kimberly. My Darling Husband. F, AB.
Bestor-Siegal, Amanda. The Caretakers. F, AB.
Bloom, Amy. In Love. NF, AB.
Bond, Melissa. Blood Orange Night. NF, K.
Bohjalian, Chris. The Lioness. F, AB.
Bradford, Emma. Deep Water. F, AB.
Brook, Kate. Not Exactly What I Had in Mind. F, K.
Brown, Eleanor. Any Other Family. F, K.
Buccola, Allison. Catch Her When She Falls. F, AB.
Burke, Alafair. Find Me. F, AB.

Castillo, Linda. The Hidden One. F, K.
Center, Katherine. The Bodyguard. F, K.
Chen, Kirstin. Counterfeit. F, AB.
Clark, Julie. The Lies I Tell. F, K.
Clear, James. Atomic Habits. NF, K.
Close, Jennifer. Marrying the Ketchups. F, K.
Cooper, Anderson, Vanderbilt. NF, AB.
Cosimano, Elle. Finlay Donovan Knocks ‘Em Dead. F, AB.

Day, Elizabeth. Magpie. F, K.
Doller, Trish. The Suite Spot. F, AB.

El Sayed, Sara. Muddy People. NF, K.
Escandón, María Amparo. L.A. Weather. F, AB.
Ernst, Dee. Maggie Finds Her Muse. F, K.

Faulkner, Katherine. Greenwich Park. F, K.

Feeney, Alice. His & Hers. F, AB.
Foley, Lucy. The Paris Apartment. F, AB.
Frost, Caroline. Shadows of Pecan Hollow. F, AB.

Garmus, Bonnie. Lessons in Chemistry. F, AB.
Gaylin, Alison. The Collective. F, K.
Giffin, Emily. Meant to Be. F, K.
Gorman, Amanda. Call Us What We Carry. F.
Green, Jane. Sister Stardust. F, AB.
Grisham, John. Sparring Partners. F, AB.
Guillory, Jasmine. By the Book. F, AB.

Hahn, Taylor. The Lifestyle. F, K.
Hallett, Janice. The Appeal. F, K.
Hendricks, Greer and Pekkanen, Sarah. The Golden Couple. F, K.
Henry, Emily. Book Lovers. F, K.
Hepworth, Sally. The Younger Wife. F, K.
Hoen, Tory Henwood. The Arc. F, K.

James, Mattie. Everyday Magic. NF, K.
Jonas, Julia May. Vladimir. F, K.
Jones, Sandie. The Guilt Trip. F, AB.

Kane, Darby. The Replacement Wife. F, AB.
Kirman, Robin. The End of Getting Lost. F, K.
Kukafka, Danya. Notes on an Execution. F, K.

Layne, Lauren. Made in Manhattan. F, K.
Leddy, Kyleigh. The Perfect Other, NF, AB.
LLoyd, Ellery. The Club. F, AB.

Lovering, Carola. Can’t Look Away. F, K.
Lutz, Lisa. The Accomplice. F, AB.

May, Katherine. Wintering. NF, K.
McBrayer, Lauren. Like a House on Fire. F, AB.
McCulloch, Amy. Breathless. F, K.
Miller, Holly. What Might Have Been. F, K.
Mitchard, Jacquelyn. The Good Son. F, K.
Monaghan, Annabel. Nora Goes Off Script. F, K.
Montimore, Margarita. Acts of Violet. F, AB.
Morgan, Phoebe. The Wild Girls. F, K.
Murphy, Nora. The Favor. F, AB.

Nelson, Jandy. The Sky is Everywhere. YA, K.
Newman, TJ. Falling. F, AB.

O’Brady, Colin. The 12-Hour Walk. NF, K.
O’Leary, Beth. The No-Show. F, AB.

Pantzar, Katja. Everyday Sisu. NF, K.
Parton, Dolly and Patterson, James. Run Rose Run. F, AB.
Patchett, Ann. These Precious Days. NF, AB.
Penny. Louise and Clinton, Hillary Rodham. State of Terror. F, AB.
Philpott, Mary Laura. Bomb Shelter. NF, K.
Pooley, Clare. Iona Iverson’s Rules for Commuting. F, K.
Pride, Christine, and Piazza, Jo. We Are Not Like Them. F, AB.

Reid, Taylor Jenkins. Carrie Soto is Back. F, K.
Rigetti, Susan. Cover Story. F, K.
Robbins, Heidi Rose. Taurus: A Love Letter. NF.
Rodsky, Eve. Find Your Unicorn Space. NF, K.
Runde, Katie. The Shore. F, AB.

Schiller, Rebecca. A Thousand Ways to Pay Attention. NF, K.
Schwartz, Dana. Anatomy: A Love Story. F, K.
Scott, Jeremy. When the Corn is Waist High. F.
Scottoline, Lisa. What Happened to the Bennetts. F, K.
Shepherd, Peng. The Cartographers. F, AB.
Shteyngart, Gary. Our Country Friends. F, AB.
Silver, Josie. One Night on the Island. F, AB.
Smith, Jennifer E. The Unsinkable Greta James. F, AB.
Sorell, Gina. The Wise Women. F, K.
Spencer, Kate. In a New York Minute. F, K.
Stapley, Marissa. Lucky. F, K.
Swanson, Peter. Nine Lives. F, AB.

Tucci, Stanley. Taste. NF, AB.

Vaughan, Sarah. Reputation. F, AB.

Walsh, Rosie. The Love of My Life. F, AB.
Ware, Ruth. The It Girl. F, K.
Waxman, Abbi. Adult Assembly Required. F, K.
Weiner, Jennifer. The Summer Place. F, AB.
White, Kate. The Second Husband. F, K.
Wibberley, Emily and Siegemund-Broka, Austin. The Roughest Draft. F, AB.
Williams, Tia. Seven Days in June. F, AB.
Willingham, Stacy. A Flicker in the Dark. F, K.
Wilson, Antoine. Mouth to Mouth. F, AB.

Zevin, Gabrielle. Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow. F, K.