2016 Book Review Index

2016 –133 titles read (by Marissa)

(F – fiction, NF – nonfiction, AB – audiobook, YA – young adult, J- juvenile, K – Kindle read, S-Serial App)

Angell, Caroline. All the Time in the World. F.
Anselmo, Lisa. My (Part Time) Paris Life. NF.
Asher, Jay. What Light. F, YA.
Awad, Mona. 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl. F, K.

Baldacci, David. The Escape. F, AB.
Barr, Nevada. A Superior Death. F.
Barr, Nevada. Ill Wind. F.
Barr, Nevada. Firestorm. F.
Barr, Nevada. Endangered species. F.
Barr, Nevada. Blind Descent. F.
Barr, Nevada. Liberty Falling. F.
Barr, Nevada. Boar Island. F.
Beazley, Lisa. Keep Me Posted. F.
Bivald, Katarina. The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend. F.
Bohjalian, Chris. The Guest Room. F.
Brelinski, Val. The Girl Who Slept With God. F.
Bronte, Charlotte. Jane Eyre. F, S.
Brown, Eleanor. The Light of Paris. F.
Brown, Theresa. The Shift. NF.
Bryson, Bill. The Road the Little Dribbling. NF, K.
Burke, Alafair. The Ex. F.
Byrne, Kerrigan. The Hunter. F.
Byrne, Kerrigan. The Highlander. F.

Carlan, Audrey. Calendar Girl: January. F, K.
Carmon, Irin. Notorious RBG. NF.
Center, Katherine. Happiness for Beginners. F.
Center, Katherine. Get Lucky. F.
Chickering, VC. Nookietown. F, K.
Clark, Mary Higgins and Burke, Alafair. All Dressed in White. F, AB.
Coben, Harlan. Fool Me Once. F, AB.
Cole, Kresley. The Player. F, K.
Connelly, Michael. The Crossing. F, AB.
Cooper, Anderson and Vanderbilt,Gloria. The Rainbow Comes and Goes. NF,AB.
Crouch, Blake. Dark Matter. F.

Dare, Tessa. Do You Want to Start a Scandal. F.
de Kerangal, Maylis. The Heart. F.
Diaz, Junot. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. F.
Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee. Before We Visit the Goddess. F.
Doiron, Paul. The Widowmaker. F, K.
Donoghue, Emma. The Wonder. F.
Donovan, Kemper. The Decent Proposal. F.

Ellis, Jenna. Our Little Secret. F, K.
Ephron, Delia. Siracusa. F.
Evanovich, Stephanie. The Total Package. F.

Forman, Gayle. Leave Me. F.
Foye, Meghann. Meternity. F.
Freeman, Hadley. Life Moves Pretty Fast. NF.

Gay, Jason. Little Victories. NF.
Gentry, Amy. Good as Gone. F.
Green, Jane. Falling. F.
Greenwood, Bryn. All the Ugly and Wonderful Things. F.
Grisham, John. Rogue Lawyer. F, AB.

Haig, Matt. Reasons to Stay Alive. NF.
Hall, Alexis. Looking for Group. F.
Hall, Alexis. For Real. F, K.
Hamer, Kate. The Girl in the Red Coat. F.
Hamilton, Sheila. All the Things We Never Knew. NF.
Hannah, James. The A to Z of You and Me. F.
Hannah, Kristin. The Nightingale. F.
Hart, Tom. Rosalie Lightning. F.
Hartwig, Melissa. The Whole30. NF, K.
Haslett, Adam. Imagine Me Gone. F.
Hassib, Rajia. In the Language of Miracles. F.
Hawley, Noah. After the Fall. F.
Hayes, Terry. I Am Pilgrim. F.
Hinton, L. S. Maestra. F.
Hoffman, Alice. Faithful. F.
Hoover, Colleen. Maybe Someday. F.
Hoover, Colleen. Hopeless. F, K.
Hoover, Colleen. Ugly Love. F.

Jaffe, Sara. Dryland. F, YA.
James, Eloisa. My American Duchess. F.
James, Eloisa. A Gentleman Never Tells. F.
Jeffries, Sabrina. The Study of Seduction. F.
Johnson, Julia Claiborne. Be Frank With Me. F.
Jordan, Robert. The Shadow Rising. F, K.

Kalanithi, Paul. When Breath Becomes Air. NF.
Kells, Claire. Girl Underwater. F.
Kelly, Martha Hall. Lilac Girls. F.
Kepnes, Caroline. Hidden Bodies. F.
Konar, Affinity. Mischling. F.
Kondo, Marie. Spark Joy. NF.

Lahiri, Jhumpa. In Other Words. NF.
Lake, Nick. Whisper to Me. F, YA.
Lapena, Shari. The Couple Next Door. F.
Love, Reggie. Power Forward. NF.
Lowell, Catherine. The Madwoman Upstairs. F.

MacDonald, Helen. H Is for Hawk. NF, K.
Macintosh, Clare. I Let You Go. F.
MacLean, Sarah. The Rogue Not Taken. F.
MacLean, Sarah. A Scot in the Dark. F.
Mandel, Emily St. John. Station Eleven. F.
Marquis, Sarah. Wild By Nature. NF.
Martin, Annika. Prisoner. F, K.
Mayburn, Ann. Still. F, K.
McKenna, Cara. Willing Victim. F, K.
McKenna, Cara. Hard Time. F, K.
McKenna, Cara. Burn It Up. F.
McKenna, Cara. Unbound. F, K.
McKenna, Cara. After Hours. F, K.
Melton, Glennon Doyle. Love Warrior. NF.
Moulin, Jules. Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes. F.

Norton, Ashley Prentice. If You Left. F.
Notaro, Laurie. Housebroken. NF, K.
Niven, Jennifer. Holding Up the Universe. F, YA.

O’Keefe, Molly. Indecent Proposal. F.
O’Keefe, M. The Truth About Him. F.
Olen, Helaine, and Pollack, Harold. The Index Card. NF.
Orman, Suze. The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous and Broke. NF.

Pekkanen, Sarah. The Perfect Neighbors. F.
Perri, Camille. The Assistants. F.
Picoult, Jodi. Small Great Things. F.
Poehler, Amy. Yes Please. NF.

Porter, Max. Grief is the Thing With Feathers. F.

Roach, Mary. Packing for Mars. NF, K.
Roach, Mary. Grunt. NF.
Roberts, Nora. The Obsession. F, AB.
Rosenthal, Amy Krouse. Textbook. F.

Sander, Gin. Big Bucket List Book. NF.
Schmidt, Gary D. Orbiting Jupiter. F, YA.
Scottoline, Lisa. Most Wanted. F, AB.
Sepetys, Ruta. Salt to the Sea. F.
Shipstead, Maggie. Astonish Me. F, K.
Sittenfeld, Curtis. Eligible. F.
Straub, Emma. Modern Lovers. F.
Strout, Elizabeth. My Name is Lucy Barton. F.
Swanson, Paul. A Country Mile to Par. F.
Swift, Graham. Mothering Sunday. F.

Tarkington, Ed. Only Love Can Break Your Heart. F.
Taylor, Jessica. Wandering Wild. F, YA.
Tracy, PJ. The Sixth Idea. F.
Tyler, Anne. Vinegar Girl. F.

Walker, Wendy. All Is Not Forgotten. F.
Ware, Ruth. The Woman in Cabin 10. F.
Wasserman, Robin. Girls on Fire. F.
Weiner, Jennifer. Hungry Heart. NF.

Wilder, Jasinda. Alpha. F, K.
Williams, Andria. The Longest Night. F.

Yoon, Nicola. The Sun is Also a Star. F.