Well, Hello There.


Hello there! Welcome to Stubborn Sunshine – we’ll be your hosts, Marissa and Johnna. We are hoping to share some of our favorite recipes, respites, books, blogs, destinations and inspirations, curated by two Hoosier heartland girls.You’ll get to know us as we go along – and we can’t wait to get to know you!

We’ve been wanting to collaborate on a corner of the web all our own for a while now, and now seems like the time to do it! We’re both brimming with ideas and inspirations, love to share our love of reading and cooking with others, and are itching for a place to get creative, reach out to our readers, and share who we are.

The name “Stubborn Sunshine” really represents both of us. Marissa is a very bull-headed Taurus, and Johnna is a free-spirited Leo…Taurus folks are known for being stubborn and down to earth, and Leos for being the center, the sunshine, of every gathering. We combined our traits, and voila! Plus, we’re both upbeat, positive people…stubbornly seeking the sunshine in every situation.

So bookmark us, settle in, and stay a while. We’re ready to get started!

–Marissa & Johnna

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