Shiny New Reads

I always find that I read more in the winter than in the summer.

Winter, when it gets dark early and nothing sounds more inviting than a warm blanket and a cuppa, is the perfect time to read, read, read.

(But then, to this librarian, when ISN’T a good time to read?!)

Nonetheless, here’s what’s been on my nightstand lately…

1. Us by David Nicholls

This is my second Nicholls novel, after devouring One Day a few years ago. This novel is different though…instead of chronicling the beginning of a romance, it chronicles the last dying breath of one. A clueless husband, a determined wife, a distant teenage son…and a grand tour of Europe. Written in bite size chapters, this book is told in “the before” and “the after”, and is honest, searing, and at times quite funny. I really didn’t know how this one would end…

2. Personal by Lee Child

I’m a big fan of audiobooks, and a big fan of well-narrated, well-narrated audiobooks, and this one fits the bill on both fronts. Dick Hill is a great narrator of this series, featuring Jack Reacher. Reacher is such an enigma of a character, and I think that’s what makes each novel interesting. The plots are somewhat absurd, yes, but Reacher is what makes it interesting and accessible. This time, Reacher (and the obligatory girl) are on the hunt for a man responsible for an impossible sniper shot, a man only Reacher has caught before. Another good addition to the series!

3. Never Judge a Lady By Her Cover by Sarah MacLean

This novel, the finale in the Rule of Scoundrels series, has become one of my new favorite Regency series. An unusual locale (a gaming hell), unusual leading men (and ladies), who have seen the wrong side of the law, as it were, and no treacly-sweet romances make this a compelling and interesting series. This linchpin to the series is just as satisfying as the others – Chase finally gets her story. I definitely plan to reread this series (beginning with A Rogue By Another Other Name) start to finish, which is rare for me, especially with Regency romances, which can sometimes feel formulaic. Highly recommended!


All of these books can be purchased on Amazon.

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