Latest Quilt : Half Square Triangles


I seem to go in phases when it comes to quilting.

I’ll get going and make 1…2…3 pieced quilt fronts in a row, mostly to hang in my office (which is visible by all who visit the library, so it has to look snappy!) or in my home. But then…I’ll get out of the mood and I’ll go back to crosstitching or writing or reading.

This weekend, though, I was feeling a definite lack of creativity in my life, so it was time to get the fabrics out to play with!

I’m fortunate enough to only live a couple of hours from Paducah, Kentucky, home of the National Quilt Museum and several FABULOUS fabric stores (Hancock Fabrics!). They stock lots of Moda charm packs (and layer cakes and jelly rolls and mini charm packs and…), batiks of all shades and colors, and tons of Tonga Treats, among others.  I try to go with my friend Monica once or twice a year for inspiration, and to play with the fabrics. Needless to say, I need to save my nickels and dimes before I go!


I’ve had the “Miss Kate” charm pack from Moda since our last visit, and in noodling around on Pinterest, found a pattern that I thought would be cute. It’s just half square triangles, but arranged in kind of a cool, modern way. My favorite thing to do is to the get the squares prepped, then lay them out on the floor of my studio, and then…walk away.

I feel like I need to let the fabrics “marinate” for a while, so I can see them with fresh eyes to decide if I like the arrangement. If I do, it’s easy to get them pieced and ready.

Right now, I’m marinating the layout pictured above…what do you think?



  1. Kim Keene

    Love the bright colors! Didn’t know if I loved all of the white until I saw the entire quilt. Love the colors AND the pattern! You are multi talented. Do you quilt by hand or on a machine?


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