The Super Bowl of Dresses

So, Johnna and I (Marissa) have a tradition every year of watching the Oscars together.

It’s our Super Bowl.

Sure, hearing who wins what is nice (Mad Max, Mad Max, Mad Max...), but really, it’s because the Oscars are the Super Bowl of FASHION.

We LOVE playing Fashion Police at the Oscars every year!

So, who were 2016’s biggest winners in the Oscar Dress Smackdown? We were rooting for…

Saoirse Ronan looked great in a  green sheath dress, which was SO much more interesting the closer the camera got to it! Her hair and makeup were also spot on!

Charlize Theron looked statuesque and striking in her red dress with, yes! A necklace!

(Did anyone else notice the dearth of bling and undos this year?! We did!)

Brie Larson‘s dress was such a great color for her, and the style was perfect! We loved the simple top with the blinded out belt!

We both loved the pop of yellow that Alicia Vikander‘s dress had, though we were initially skeptical of the bubble hem, but it worked for her! Oh, the color!

Naomi Watts brought the sparkly jewel tones, the statement lip and the bling – we both loved it! Amazing!

Priyanka Chopra would be gorgeous in a paper sack, but her Oscars dress was so far beyond – she looked GORGEOUS! We adored it!

Lady Gaga looked like such an amazing lady – and her song brought the house down! What a great outfit she wore!

Who were your favorites?!

–Marissa and Johnna

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