Known Names

Sometimes, you just pick up the book because you know the author’s name, and no other reason….

The Crossing by Michael Connelly is going to be a guaranteed winner – even more so when Titus Welliver (who plays the titular character on the Amazon series!) narrates this newest Harry Bosch novel – with a side of Mickey Haller thrown in! A solid mystery!

The Total Package by Stephanie Evanovich was just too cliched to be good. The one night stand, the inevitable fallout…come on. Recycled plot, recycled characters…boring. This was an instance where the author’s name did NOT live up to the expectations.

Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes is the follow-up to her fantastic You, featuring the return of Joe, our so-not-good protagonist from the first novel, and yet…you can’t help rooting for him in some dark, twisted way. Read You, then read this! I don’t want to give anything away!

I also just finished The Player by Kresley Cole, and it’s another scorching erotic romance. The Professional is still my favorite of the trilogy, but this was my second favorite. Whew!

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