I Can’t Wait To Tell You…

…about these latest reads! I loved each and every one! Buckle up, buttercup, and let’s go! *grin*


Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld was such, SUCH a pleasant surprise! Two things: I adore Pride and Prejudice, and I’ve abhorred Sittenfeld’s novels, so the bar was pretty low, but I ended absolutely devouring this novel in one day! Sittenfeld has done a great job of updating the Austen story, and modernizing the trials and tribulations of the Bennett family. I loved the setting (Cincinnati), the character reimaginings, and most of all, I loved tried to predict how she would fit in the twists of the story I know so well! I’m sure Austen purists will find much to criticize, but for me, I took it for what it was and thoroughly enjoyed it! Recommended!

I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh was an absolute page-turner! One night, a mother is walking her son home, and he lets go of her hand, runs into the street, and it killed by a hit and run driver. I don’t want to give away anything else, because there are some great twists to this novel! Written by a former British policewoman, the writing is swift, crisp, developed and twisty – I loved it, then immediately pressed it into the hands of a fellow reader! Highly recommended!

Packing for Mars by Mary Roach is just big fun. *grin* Roach has made a living writing non-fiction books on one focused topic (Bonk, Grunt, Spook, Stiff) and this one, of course is about space – what it’s like to poop in zero gravity, what astronauts eat, and so much more. Roach is famous for her humor, her footnotes, and her total immersion in a subject, and this one is another winner – highly recommended!

I also read Boar Island by Nevada Barr, her newest Anna Pigeon novel. It was a solid suspense book (with two mysteries!), but I wanted more Anna and I wanted more Acadia National Park! I missed Anna in this one, until at least well into the second half. Still, I’ll read any Anna Pigeon novel!


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