Iced Coffee Un-Recipe


With humidity today, our “feels like” temperature is 101 degrees.

Yep, summer is definitely here in the Midwest!

Once summer comes, even drinking hot coffee in the morning feels wrong to me, as I try to stay as cool as possible from morning to night, so of course, iced coffee becomes the order of the day!

This isn’t even a recipe – I almost feel bad calling it so – but perhaps this will inspire you to skip Starbucks and try your own at home! Here’s how I do my iced coffee…

I actually make it the night before – I throw a k-cup (or two) into my Keurig and brew a cup of coffee, then pop it into the fridge overnight (be sure to use a sturdy plastic or paper cup, not glassware!).

Then, in the morning, out it comes to be doctored (for me, a bit of french vanilla creamer), then poured over ice, and voila! Done! The whole process takes about 30 seconds…perfect for those bleary first few minutes of the day!

For fun, be sure to experiment with flavored syrups, sugars, creamers, or heck, throw some whipped cream on top!



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