40th Birthday Celebration


So, I had a milestone of a birthday back in May – and to be honest, I was having a hard time with it.


It sounds so adult and grown up and like you should have your act together, right?

(I don’t.)

Johnna knew I was struggling with my impending birthday, and so, doing what she does best, she turned it from something to dread to a memory I’ll remember my entire life.

She threw me a surprise party, complete with all my “framily” from near and far – everyone from college friends to TinyTown friends to my bestie (and her mum!) since I was four years old, all gathered together in one place.

It was…magic.

Seeing all my people talk and laugh and figure out who was who made my heart so happy.

Johnna also let me mark something off my bucket list (the list is a post for another day!)…having a “pop up dinner” by candlelight outside…

Truly magic.

Gorgeous flowers, a beautiful cake, hilarious games, gifts and memories, dinner and conversation with all my favorite people…truly a glorious surprise.

I’m a lucky sausage indeed.


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