Summer is Flying By…

And how has your summer been, lovely readers? It seems impossible that it’s already July, and yet, here we are! Johnna has been ridiculously busy with school, her job and her family, so I’ve been trying hold down the fort here on the blog until she’s got time on her side again! In the meantime, here’s how my summer has been going, how about yours?

I’ve been…growing flowers…enduring summer stories…cooking…reading (and eating!)…welcoming visitors to my porch (hello, Mr. Froggy!)…turning back into a redhead…celebrating the 4th of July with Johnna (aren’t these glasses she got us a kick?!)…and appreciating the kind of friends who bust your dog out of puppy jail (uh, the kennel) while you’re gone (thanks, Johnna and Scott!)


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