New Year, New Reviews

January has *flown* by, friends, don’t you agree? Johnna has been gearing up to go back to school after spending some days in FRANCE, the lucky duck, and Marissa has been getting back into the work swing after her Christmas holiday in Vegas. And of course… there have been books. Here’s the latest…


The Most Dangerous Place on Earth by Lindsey Lee Johnson was just a hypnotic read. The prose was just so, so good and I got pulled into the story completely. Each chapter is told from a different character’s perspective (and y’all know I am HERE for that), and in a nutshell, is about students in high school near San Francisco – from the newly minted English teacher to the jock to the quiet, shy girl, everyone takes a turn in bringing the story to fruition. Hard to categorize, but so easy to recommend – check this one out!

Spaceman by Mike Massimino is the astronaut’s memoir, and what a fun, fascinating read! Told in a completely conversational style, this is all about Massimino’s unlikely journey from Long Island to the space shuttle, and it’s just so engaging, interesting, and fun! I’m a space nerd, so this is totally my wheelhouse, but I think anyone with even a vague interest in our space program would dig this easy memoir.

Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson was hotly anticipated by those of us at the library that devoured his previous work, The Kind Worth Killing. This was another suspenseful read with alternating points of view (and not all of them reliable), but I found the writing a bit more… draggy than the other novel. LOTS of exposition, lots of just napping/reading/wandering around, without the propulsion of TKWK… but I still totally got into it. Perfect for suspense fans!

I also read Today Will Be Different by Maria Stemple… yes, I chuckled at some points, but mostly I wondered why her novels have been hailed as the second coming of literature. I found it disjointed, odd, unsympathetic in a lot of ways, and just… not my jam. Wrong book, wrong time?

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