These and Those Titles

TWO nonfiction books in a row?! The world is gonna spin off its axis! 😉


Miss You by Kate Eberlen was so exactly the right book at the right time for me. Tess and Gus meet fleetingly in Florence, and then the rest of the book follows the two of them as they navigate growing up, relationships, jobs, families and more. But will they or won’t they find each other again? Clever, cute, warm and emotional, I really loved this one!

Driving Miss Norma by Tim Bauerschmidt was a great non-fiction read, and an easy one. Tim’s mother Norma was diagnosed with cancer at an advanced age after the death of her husband, and rather than undergo treatment, she chose instead to drive the country in her son’s RV, seeing all that she wanted to see. Sweet and warm, and inspiring, this was an easy memoir…

Bleaker House by Nell Stevens sounded like *such* an interesting title to me: girl is given four months to write a novel for her MFA program anywhere in the world, and she chooses a totally deserted island in the Falklands. I *wanted* to like this so much more than I did – what a great setup! Instead it was about her being lonely and hungry, counting out raisins and not writing a novel. Not my favorite…

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