Another Year Passes…

I’m not gonna lie, I knew it had been a while since I updated this blog, but I was horrified to see it was back in MAY of last year! I feel like so, so much has happened since then, and also… just time gently passing. I’m endeavoring, however, to catch up on all my waiting book reviews, and to share what I’ve been reading lately too! As for the balance of 2018, it was a whirlwind….

Lots of weekend trips to places like St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Chicago…

Our garden growing in the summer sunshine…

A work conference in NOLA and a Pumpkin Spectacular in Louisville…

A trip to New Jersey’s shore and my first new car in 15 years…

And perhaps most special… getting engaged, and then a couple of months later running off to Las Vegas to get hitched. 2018 had some definite lows, but I’m glad we ended on a happy note.

Here’s to 2019!


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