Summer Lovin’, Happened So Fast…

September, September… but where did the summer go?! Though it feels like it flew by, we did make some memories along the way. How was your summer, friends?

I’ve been… celebrating another year around the sun with a cake made by Johnna and her daughter… tooling around in a golf cart with the “Italy Girls” to admire an amazing flight of the fireflies… (mostly) installed a new fence in the yard… tried to grow things (and ended up failing, big time!)… getting more bangs… going to a conference in Washington, DC… admiring the African violets inherited from Mum, who nurtured them for so many years… catching “throwed rolls” at Lambert’s Cafe… celebrating Johnna’s birthday… dragging Wes to his first local high school football game… and admiring the amazing Japanese Garden during the Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden… and so many more things, big and little.

Roll on autumn!


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