Virtual Pastry Class!

During the stay at home order (and, if we’re honest, even now), Wes and I found ourselves in the occasional… rut. Work, eat, sleep, rinse, repeat, so we’d try and find activities to mix things up a bit, and one of my favorite quarantine “dates” we had was taking a virtual pastry class together!

I’d heard about these classes through Forever35 (my favorite podcast!), and I was sold before I even signed up. Molly J Wilk is an American who lives in an apartment in VERSAILLES with her adorable dog Peanut and her boyfriend, and make the most beautiful pastries in the world – and teaches others how to do it too!

Now, I don’t bake.

I cook – I love to cook! – but I’ve always detested baking, and I don’t have much of a sweet tooth (which is the complete opposite of my sugar fiend husband), but I LOOOOVE all things lemon, so when I saw a class to learn how to make a lemon tart – FROM SCRATCH – I was all in!

We signed up, signed on, and through Zoom, the utterly delightful and bubbly Molly walked us through the process, and we worked together to create our masterpiece! It took several hours, but it was a sunny Saturday, we had no where to be (obviously!), and it was almost meditative working on the dough and filling. We didn’t tackle the meringue topping (look, Rome wasn’t built in a day), but we did it! We made a tart!

Molly is a delightful teacher – encouraging and so happy – and just knowing we were following along a class from Versailles just made it feel magical. I can’t wait to take another one!

To reward ourselves after our pastry victory, we went to a nearby brewery, sat on the patio in the sun, sipped some beers, ate some food, then went for a twilight walk along the riverfront before a little ice cream treat as we drifted home. It was definitely one of of my favorite quaran-days.

How did you mix up the days during the stay at home order (or even now)?


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