A couple of months ago, I was noodling around on a Facebook group and someone posed the question of what crafts or activities folks enjoy doing while watching telly, relaxing, or what have you. There were a lot of the standard answers – knitting or playing Candy Crush – but someone mentioned making yarn pom poms and how soothing the repetitive motion was.

A couple of YouTube videos and an order from Amazon later, and I’m the proud owner of some Clover pom pom makers and oodles of yarn to make pom pom crafts! So far I’ve made a couple of small garlands, but just finishing my first larger project – an autumnal wreath for our front door!

It really IS soothing… just winding yarn and snipping and fluffing, then some hot glue on a foam wreath form (and a MacGyvered wooden centerpiece featuring hidden zip ties, but don’t tell) to make my nifty new wreath!

I’ve already started a winter wreath with some space dyed blue yarn that’s sooo pretty – stay tuned!

I used this Clover pom pom kit, making mostly the larger size but a few smaller ones to fill in some spaces. I’ve also purchased this kit with smaller makers for making garlands and more teeny tiny projects – so fast after making the bigger poms!

What crafts are the most soothing to you, friends (bonus if they are able to be done in front of the telly!)?


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