Neat and Nifty Things

Just a roundup of a few things that are fascinating and amusing me this week – how’s your week been, friends?


I sat down to watch this four-episode documentary right after it came out on Netflix. Produced by J.J. Abrams, this well-rendered documentary retells the buildup to this historic launch, and the devastating aftermath. I remember watching this live on TV in the fourth grade, then on a loop on the news the whole night – the first tragedy and news event I can consciously remember being a part of. I mourned so much for “our teacher” that day…

I’m crazy about all the photos in the finalist pool of the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, but these elephants just make me smile every time I see it. 🙂

I was watching Lucifer on Netflix the other night (I’ve been heavy into Netflix lately, friends!), and in one of the episodes, this song was playing in the background and I *had* to know what it was and listen to it on repeat immediately. A beautifully synthesized, 80s-inspired, “get in the car and drive” song? Yes please.

And to round out my apparently binge-heavy recommendations ;-), of course I’ve torn through every episode of The Home Edit on Netflix, and I’ve never wanted to go to The Container Store more for “product”. It did spur me to reorganize my pantry cupboards, but alas, they don’t look like this… but a girl can dream, right?

One Comment

  1. Ellen Browning

    Happy Friday!

    I love end 0f week catch-up reading your blog. It always brings a smile, positive thoughts/ideas to ponder, along with a bit of free wander time, . . .such a joy to read!
    Thank you!


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