Taking a Turn Around Bath

Since we (obviously) aren’t able to travel right now, I’ve been virtually traveling by watching shows and movies from all around the globe, including one of my cozy favorites, Persuasion (the good one, with Ciaran Hinds). At the end, Anne and Captain Wentworth share a sweet kiss right by the Abbey on the streets of Bath, England, and every time I watch it, I think not of how lovely and romantic it is (though, obviously, it IS!), but instead… I think of kipping out on those very steps and sharing lunch with my late father. 🙂

Back in 2008, my father and I traveled as a duo for the second time to England to visit both my maternal grandfather and my paternal grandmother, as well as auntie, uncle, and cousins. Despite all the “family time”, he and I did manage to sneak away for a few day trips, including a foggy autumnal visit to the ancient city of Bath, riding atop a double decker bus as the beautiful trees blew by.

My father was a devoted reader of Regency romances (as am I) and there is no city more affiliated with all things Regency than Bath, so I was ever so excited to go with my expert father to tour the Roman Baths (dating from 76 BC), wander the Royal Crescent (the famed curved houses of the elite in Bath at the time), visit the Bath Abbey, and do a bit of shopping in the tiny shops on Pulteney Bridge (which crosses the River Avon).

It’s not hard to be transported into the past when visiting Bath. And yet, one of my fondest memories of that day is sitting on those steps, watching the world go by, and eating a sausage and sipping a soda. I sure miss my travel buddy, but I’m glad for the memories… thanks, Dad.

Where are you daydreaming about today, friends?


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