Neat and Nifty Things

Here’s what I’m loving this week friends, enjoy!


The Drone Photo Awards 2020 have been announced, and the imagery is just stunning in every category! (the above is a beachside fish market – I love the colors!)

I know I’m not cut out for “tiny house” life, but Wes and I love watching Tiny House Nation on Netflix, and I love looking at the tiny homes on Apartment Therapy. How cute is this botanical little home?

A few weeks ago, Wes and I toured the LST325 right in our backyard, which is the last fully operational WWII Landing Ship Tank in existence. Lots of these were built in our area, and how cool that we are able to tour it all these years later? My favorite thing is the story of how a veteran LST crew (with an average age of 70) sailed it alone from Greece back to the US – without a flag for a few days, making it, technically, a pirate ship. 😉 This is not to be missed if you are in the Southern Indiana area!

I have relied so much on Marco Polo to stay connected to my sister and my friends both before – but especially during – quarantine (and still now, of course!). I love the format – I think of it as leaving a video voicemail! How have you been staying connected during this time, friends?

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