Jack O’Lantern Spectacular

When you marry a born and bred Louisville boy, you can expect to get to know that city pretty well, but one of my hands down favorite things about Louisville is their annual Jack O’Lantern Spectacular, which defies explanation – other than to say it’s just so damn cool. 🙂

I know their plan this year (due to COVID) is a drive thru event, which takes away the magic (for me, anyway) of wandering through a dark and dimly lit wood, following only the path made by, literally, THOUSANDS of pumpkins. There is an annual theme with lots of “scenes” throughout, but then also just the sheer volume of jack o’lanterns in the trees, in the distance, gathered together… it’s truly something. And the detail of some of them!

Wes and I have gone for a couple of years now, and it’s truly remarkable every year – and never the same twice. I hope we’re able to get back to the traditional walk one of these days… but in the meantime, I’ll enjoy looking back at our pictures from the last few visits on this, the day before Halloween!


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