Paris, Mais oui!

Lately I seem to be leaning hard into all things Paris (another by product of wanderlust but with no where to go but home!). Watching shows, cooking, looking at old photos… come along with me!

First, I binge watched The Hook Up Plan on Netflix, which is set in Paris and features Elsa, who can’t get over her ex, so her best friends secretly hire her a male escort to help her move on… but things get complicated. It’s quirky and charming and funny, and I HIGHLY recommend you watch this in the original French with subtitles (not the dubbed version). Definitely helped me brush up on my French!

Then, of course, I started watching Emily in Paris (also on Netflix), which is of course completely unrealistic and a bit silly at times, but is lovely to watch for the costumes, the settings, and the pastries!

Speaking of pastries… Wes and I took another virtual pastry class from the delightful Molly J. Wilk, who has been teaching French pastry classes via Zoom straight from Versailles! This one was particularly special… my mum’s signature dessert as I was growing up were cream puffs, and now I know how to make them!

All of this is making me miss Paris, so I went back and looked through all my photos from when I visited in 2014 as part of a guided tour with my bestie Megan. The sights, the food, everything! Paris, je t’aime!


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