New Little Crafty Bit!

I’ve been an avid crosstitcher since I was 18, churning out large and elaborate pieces that takes years to create, but are ever so satisfying. I love crosstitching since you don’t have to be good at STITCHING – merely able to make X’s over and over while following a color pattern. Mum was a fan of stamped crosstitch (and was very adept at it!), but I found my stitches were never as uniform as hers and I would get frustrated and navigate back to my own crosstitch canvas.

I’ve been seeing so many lovely needlework and embroidery pieces on social media lately, that I thought I’d try my hand at something a bit more… freeform. I’ve followed the lovely and inspiring and talented Posie Gets Cozy for years, so when I saw her winter embroidery kit, I jumped to get one!

For my first attempt without the guide of X’s, I’m quite proud!

Here’s what I learned:

  • I’m truly terrible at French knots. 😛
  • Working on such a small project was so satisfying!
  • Practice makes perfect!

I really enjoyed it though, and plan to use it as a Christmas ornament for next year’s tree. I’m already eyeing some other online embroidery kits to try – stay tuned!


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