Salad Sandwiches

I’m such a fangirl of Jenny Rosenstrach, the author behind Dinner: A Love Story. I can honestly say that that cookbook is the only one I’ve ever actually *read* – not just skipped right to the recipes and ignored the text along with it. I love her blog, her cookbooks, her conversant style and her FOOD.

So, when I ran across a link she wrote on Bon Appetit about “salad sandwiches”, I knew I’d have to recreate that this summer, and thus… my veggie board was born!

Here’s my un-recipe recipe:

I had big slices of Boudin sourdough bread (thanks, Costco!) which we hit with some of the ranch spread I made (thanks, Hidden Valley Ranch!), then it was dealer’s choice as to how we wanted to load each open-faced slice before sprinkling it with a little Maldon sea salt. It was as fun to slice and dice everything and arrange the board in the pretty colors as it was to eat! I just went with what we had in the fridge, the tomatoes from our vine, and of course, a few hard boiled eggs, because eggs make everything better. 😉



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