Neat and Nifty Things

Here’s what’s been filling my bucket this week, friends…


This garden makes me swoon and miss England ever so. Isn’t it dreamy?

At least every year or two, I find myself rewatching Rome (thanks, HBO!) and reveling in this epically large scale show, the amazing sets, awesome cast, and character-driven plots. This was GOT before GOT was GOT. 😉

I’ve been loving all the clothes challenge vids on my Instagram the last couple of months, but this one might be my fave. Take 12 seconds and appreciate the swagger…

I admit, I totally succumbed to the influencer pressure (this ad was FOLLOWING me around on the internet) and ordered a waterdrop bottle and some of their microdrinks. The flavors are subtle for sure (not terrible, not great), but I am LOVING the pretty glass bottle, and it’s definitely helped me stay more on my hydration game than the uggo plastic bottles I’ve tried using in the past. Apparently I need aesthetics to stay hydrated. 😉

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