Hey all, I know it’s been a minute. It seems like the back half of 2021 had us “lurching from one disaster to the next”, as my father used to say.

While we had a lovely vacation to Michigan in October (a post is forthcoming eventually, I hope!), it seems like everything plummeted after that with work woes, Wes frantically studying for his Series 7 exam, days turning darker and colder, and the loss of my beloved Zoe in early December. She’d been my little girl for 13 years, and it was unimaginably hard to let her go.

But, the days are turning a bit longer and brighter now, Nico continues to be a joyous little loverboy, Christmas lights and Halloween parties brought happiness as we drove around the darkness, Wes passed his exam, and I’ve slowly rediscovered joy in things like cross stitching and cooking; goodness knows I’ve had no interest in anything for months, so it’s a bright spot to be playing with threads, digging out my fabric stash and thinking of my next quilt, and noodling around the stove again.

I’ve missed my creativity – writing (even just on here), finding fun things to share from the internet, quilting and sewing, even reading new and wonderful books that capture me for hours on end. I hope, oh, I hope to find them again in 2022… stay tuned.

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