“Lume-inous” Indy

Wes and I decided to “run away” for the weekend to Indianapolis, a few hours drive from home, but vastly different from our wee town. Our main priorities were hitting up Trader Joe’s (of course!), getting some good eats (Shapiro’s Deli! Naf Naf!), finding a cute AirBnB (done!), and visiting The Lume exhibit at Newfields, the Indianapolis Art Museum.

The Lume features tons of projectors transforming Van Gogh’s work into an immersive exhibit that’s nearly 30,000 square feet and completely digital. The floors, the walls, everything is lit with his art, interspersed with details about his (short) life, his letters to his brother Theo, and a classical soundtrack plays over the whole exhibit, adding to the experience. Even the air inside smells different! We managed to find a seat and just… take it in.

Though admittedly not the biggest Van Gogh fans, I think Wes and I were both blown away by the immersive experience – and even turned ourselves into artwork. 😉

The rest of our photos from the weekend all seem to be food (of course!) or wine – we stopped for a wine tasting at Oliver Winery on the way home, which was a nice respite from the drive. Shopping, different food, a bit of art, and a cooler full of groceries and wine – a successful getaway!


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