Mum’s Scalloped Spinach

I inherited a lot of Mum’s cookbooks when she died – how she had so many, I’ve no idea, since I rarely if ever saw her actually *follow* a recipe! I got rid of a few (titles that involved things like “how to microwave anything!”…. from 1985!), but many still have pride of place on my shelves. As I was thumbing through one, this piece of paper fluttered out in Mum’s handwriting – the block writing she used for “serious” things, not her lovely calligraphy for which she was well known.

Every recipe I do have have Mum’s (and they are few), alway end with that “Enjoy.” It makes me smile. 🙂

So, enjoy this recipe for scalloped spinach!



  1. Ellen

    Finding a family recipe in original handwritten form always makes the final dish taste so much better — somehow the memories seem to add something special to the flavor. Brings to mind various dishes and tastes of family regulars that at one time in life you took for granted and now you treasure. Thanks, happy cooking!


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