Mum’s Shepherd’s Pie… Made Simple!

Honest to Pete, is there anyone who doesn’t LOVE Shepherd’s Pie? Simple, comforting, and always, always reminds me of Mum.

(Yeah, yeah, I know it’s technically Cottage Pie, but Mum always called it Shepherd’s Pie, so that’s what it is in my book!)

I was going through an old cookbook that her Cosmopolitan Club (foreign-born ladies who all lived in my hometown and got together monthly) ladies had compiled for a fundraiser and found her original Shepherd’s Pie recipe – a near miracle, since she rarely wrote recipes down!

And now… the Marissa-made-this-easier-for-quick-weekdays version. 🙂

I start with a pound of ground beef, browned with chopped onion (unless your husband hates onions because he is a monster). Season with salt and pepper… toss in peas and carrots from a can if you want. Or don’t. Add some chopped parsley. Or don’t. Warm through.

While the meat browns, make up a cup-ish of Bisto beef gravy by combining with boiling water (I could drink this stuff, so good, the only gravy I make, ever), then when the meat is done, combine with the gravy to the consistency you like.

Pop into a casserole dish, then grab your pre-made Bob Evans mashed potatoes that you bought the other week (no shame), smooth on top and evenly cover the meat, then bake uncovered for about 20 minutes in a 350° oven until everything is warmed through.

Consume in one go while binging something on TV – preferably a British procedural. 😉



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