Neat and Nifty Things

Here’s what I’ve been getting into this week, friends. Be well!


Wes and I consumed a trio of documentaries the other weekend on Netflix…

Bad Vegan is a four-parter that just gets more bananapants with every episode. Our Father (took place in Indy!) was just so shocking and thought-provoking, and The Perfect Bid was just good fun. 🙂 We recommend them all!

My stepson sent me a gift certificate to Goose Creek Candles for my birthday/Mother’s Day and my new favorite flavor is this Finland candle, but I love the idea of all the World Traveler candles!

I’m totally into playing WikiTrivia every day (along with Wordle!) where you have to put world events in order without missing more than 3 in a row. Addicting!

It’s been peony season here the last few weeks, and seeing all my favorite flowers bloom makes me happy. 🙂

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