Summer Screenings

As we all know, I hate summer.

I hate the heat, the bugs, the constant fighting against a sunburn, but mostly the heat. Did I mention the heat?

I have watched this five thousand times and feel it in my soul (and laugh out loud) every time…

So, when summer comes along, I tend to turn into more of an inside cat, and as such, am able to binge through some new shows. 🙂

Here’s what we’ve been binging lately…

Look, I’ve never been big into the NBA and Wes doesn’t dig sports at all, but we ADORED Winning Time on HBO, about the Showtime era of the Lakers. This is irreverent, hysterical, poignant, amazingly cast, fascinatingly shot, nostalgic and just un-put-down-able. Beware, this has all the triggers (nudity, lotsa language, drug use, you name it), but if that doesn’t bother you, this is such a fantastic watch, and is maybe my favorite thing I’ve watched yet this year (along with The Wheel of Time).

I binged Anatomy of the Scandal on Netflix in one day whilst home on a day off cross stitching. Based on the book by Sarah Vaughn, this has a captivating cast, is imaginatively shot, is only 6 episodes (good for binging), and was developed by David E. Kelley. Again, trigger warning, this is about an British MP who stands accused of rape and the destruction is wreaks on his marriage. Really thought-provoking.

Wes and I binge-watched Bosch: Legacy on the new FreeVee, and while you can tell this is a new series, it has enough of the DNA from the original to feel like stepping right back into Bosch’s LA world, and seeing past cast pop up is big fun too (and it’s already been renewed for a second season). We were into it!

We just started The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix (to go along with our Bosch binge, since the two main characters are half-brothers in the books by Michael Connelly). The series is about “an iconoclastic idealist who runs his law practice out of the back of his Lincoln Town Car”. It’s a good watch!

And finally, of course, we had to watch the next (entirely too giggly, entirely too rainbow-y, entirely too happy nad yet we love it) season of The Home Edit. 🙂

What should we watch next?!


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