Neat and Nifty Things

Here are my discoveries this week, friends – hope you have a great week!


This Joshua Tree time-lapse will be the best four and a half minutes you’ll spend today…

I made it my goal to weed through allllll the photos on my phone this year, and using the GetSorted app made it way faster and smoother than I could have hoped for! It’s only for iOS but man, it was such a huge help, and it was fun to go back and look at photos from, gosh, ten years ago still on my phone!

Me, after accidentally stepping on Nico’s tail this morning… in my defense, he NEVER is more than three feet from me at any given time…

I can’t decide if these Nike Daybreak sneakers are awesomely retro or will get me laughed at (I’m thinking the white pair). Thoughts?

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