A Little Catching Up…

Hi friends, it’s been a minute.

(and by “minute” I mean… August, maybe?)

As always seems to happen, ye olde blog has been tossed by the wayside as life gets in the way, but it’s a new year, new me! 😉

It seems like the fall and end of 2022 flew by in a blur, though Wes and I managed a couple of trips, a bout of COVID apiece, a Ren Faire, a production of Swan Lake and the Nutcracker, reconnecting with old and wonderful friends, an AirBnB retreat, a trip to Charlotte (and the Speedway’s Christmas lights!), a colonscopy, a big poker win for me, and always, always my little fluffy shadow by my side (I adore my Nico).

Here’s to 2023 being just as memorable!

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