Garden of the Gods : Illinois


As we’ve often told visitors, there isn’t a lot to see in our corner of the Hoosier State beyond cornfields.

Well, mostly.

In truth, we have rolling hills and wide open spaces, a beautiful state park and two wide rivers, perfect for gazing upon. We have friendly people and good home cookin’, but whenever someone comes to visit, I have the same thought each time:

“What am I going to DO with them?”

One of my go-to answers is always the same: go visit Garden of the Gods.

Garden of the Gods is about an hour away from “the toe” of Indiana, over in southern Illinois, and represents an aberration in our landscape – a steeper, rockier outcrop, untouched by glaciers a zillion years ago, and surrounded by the Shawnee National Forest.  This uplifted sandstone plateau is alien and unique, beautiful in any season, and definitely worth the drive.

My friend Megan came to visit recently, and so we took a (chilly) day trip to check out the sights…

Beautiful, no?


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