Grout Renew Miracle


Honestly, I’m not much of a DIY girl.

I’ve never thought of myself as handy.

(Not since my father declared, in his TERRIBLY British accent when I was but a young girl, “You are the most ambisinister person I’ve ever met!”. I developed a complex, okay?)

Nonetheless, I’m kind of proud of my latest ’round the house project, something I’ve been wanting to change for a while.

When I bought my house in 2008, the grout was clean and new throughout, but over the years, it’s gotten horribly dark and dirty looking. I’ve tried baking soda, peroxide, all manner of cleaners…but nothing brought up that icky color.

Until I was noodling around online and found a product called “Grout Renew” at Home Depot, for like $12 a bottle.

(This isn’t a sponsored post, I’m just seriously so psyched about this!)

I boogied over, picked out “snow white” as my chosen color, and set to work on painting the grout in my bathroom.


Oh, OH what a difference!

Armed with just a small craft paintbrush, a plastic plate to put the paint on, the Grout Renew and a damp paper towel, I have transformed my dingy ceramic tile grout from yucky to fabulous!

My bathroom, foyer, and kitchen have all gotten the treatment, and I couldn’t be happier! Rumor online is that this will last for a good few years, and I still have probably half a bottle left for touchups or if I need to redo it eventually. Yay! DIY really DOES happen for me sometimes!




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