Satisfying Reads

Sometimes, you hit on those books that really “sing” for you, and I’ve had several lately that have really hit the spot! Here at the latest reads for me that have been really satisfying…


1. The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson

Okay, I’m just going to say it: this is SO much better than The Girl on the Train, which has been getting so much more press and coverage! A chance meeting in an airport lounge, a wish to be done with a spouse, and a plot that spins dizzily out of control in this psychological suspense novel! From chapter to chapter, the reader has no idea where the story is going to go next, and what the characters are going to do. Instead of Train‘s plodding plot, this one was fast-paced, intriguing, and entertaining! I couldn’t put down this game of cat-and-mouse – highly recommended!

2. Life From Scratch by Sasha Martin

I liked the sound of this memoir: a family decides to “cook around the world”, eat new foods, and learn things. How sweet. No. This memoir is SO much more than that precious story – it is instead one of the most engrossing memoirs I can remember reading in recent memory. Sasha talks about her humble beginnings in Boston (yes, food is a theme throughout), her teenage years in Europe, her struggle to find herself, and her eventual family and “food around the world” project. Her writing is so accessible and evocative and engrossing, that I literally read this in less than 24 hours (I read a lot, but a 24 hour read is actually sorta rare, as busy as I am)! I want to be friends with Sasha…I want to sit at her table and eat a meal…I want to know more. So, SO good – it filled my soul at just the right time. Another highly recommended read!

3. Captivated by You by Sylvia Day

For my money, Day’s “Crossfire” series puts Fifty Shades of Grey in a corner. Better (MUCH better) writing, better plotting, better character development and a desire to full tell a story set her apart. This is the fourth (you know, of a trilogy *grin*), with at least one more on the way. I was glad to catch up with Eva and Gideon – though I had to surf online to remember how the last ended. 🙂

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