Left Our Hearts…

…in San Francisco!

A few weeks ago, (yes, we’re bad bloggers!), I had to head to San Francisco for a library conference, and Johnna decided to come along to do some sightseeing, gather many books, and keep me company! We had a fantastic time – and definitely both want to go back to the city by the bay!

We ate lots of fantastic food (include a memorable evening at the “chef’s bar” in a local restaurant), saw many sights on our bus tours and with our fantastic Uber drive/tour guide Romeo, went to a Giants game, picked up lots of books at the library conference, reveled in the cooler weather, and stayed in the fantastically staffed Clift Hotel (highly recommended boutique hotel)!

The Golden Gate, Lombard Street, the Painted Ladies, Chinatown…we saw it all!

Can we go back now, please? Pretty please?

–Marissa (and Johnna too!)

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