Garden Glow

I’m a sucker for Christmas lights.

Several nights during the month of December finds me in my car, driving the neighborhoods of our town, looking at all the lights and how everyone celebrates the holidays with their outdoor displays.

A couple of years ago, I heard about a holiday light show at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis called the “Garden Glow”.

Naturally, it went right onto the “must do” list!

This year, my Dad joined me on a trip to STL to check it out, and to say we were blown away by the experience is an understatement!

The whole garden is decorated in various “vignettes” – all the areas are distinct and different, but all are full of bright, light, sparkly displays. From huge trees lined in lights to swaying lanterns to a “forest” of trees, every vignette was a delight and a discovery.

I can’t recommend this experience enough to anyone in the area – but be sure to buy your tickets early! They strictly monitor entry times, so the garden is never overwhelmed with people, which is great. We opted for a 5:30pm entry time, and it was perfect! There are also vendors on the grounds selling wine, beer, hot chocolate, egg nog and more – so bring a few dollars with you! At $18, this is definitely an affordable way to ring in the holidays!


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