Deep Winter Reads

So, the cooler temperatures continue here in the Hoosier State…I know most people get stir crazy after a day or so of being inside from the weather, but I find that I enjoy snuggling down with no responsibilities during the dark winter nights…as long as I have a good book or two. 😉

Here’s what I read recently…


1.The Deepest Night by Kara Braden is the follow up stand-alone novel to The Longest Night (which I really liked once I discovered it started as Sherlock fanfic!). This romance novel, while filled with a great setting (Scilly Isles), an alpha male and a meet-cute, just didn’t have as much sparkle as I like in my romance novels. The writing was fine, the characters fine, the plot fine…but just fine, you know? It felt a bit recycled from her first novel – I would read another of hers, but perhaps further down the pile on the nightstand…

2. The “Goddess Trilogy” by Aimee Carter is a young adult series that I really enjoyed! Kate is just a girl helping her mother battle cancer and trying to graduate high school when a horrible accident entangles her with…well, Hades. Pulled into the universe of the ancient Greek gods, this novel is imaginative, engrossing, and features characters that are at once familiar and still brand new. I really liked the romance aspect of this trilogy, and was really rooting for Kate – but more, for that tortured God of the Underworld. I love an imaginative novel – I love an imaginative trilogy even more! The three novels are The Goddess Test, Goddess Interrupted, and The Goddess Inheritance, and they are quick reads geared towards young adults but just as interesting to actual adults!

3. Paris Match by Stuart Woods is a guilty pleasure read, I admit it. I love listening to this long-standing series featuring fantabulous attorney Stone Barrington – the plots are outrageous, the characters too rich and connected for words, and yet, it’s like returning to an old friend. Plus, narrator Tony Roberts is great!

I also read The Remedy for Love by Bill Roorbach, about a couple of strangers who get snowed it together. it seemed like the perfect novel for a snow day, but it ended up being flat and disappointing, with harsh language and large swathes of exposition. Eh.

I also just re-read When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James. It is RARE for me to reread a novel (because there are so many more to read out there!), so you know this is a good one! A delicious Regency romance!

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