Epicurean Breakfast


I love breakfast.

I mean it.

I REALLY love breakfast.

I’m a big fan of eggs and bacon, sausage and hash browns, anything that’s yummy protein-y goodness in the morning.

And every once in a while, breakfast needs to be a TREAT.

A few Sunday mornings ago, I whipped up this rather decadent delight – I hope you enjoy!


Decadence on Toast

  • one perfectly poached egg
  • A few slices of fantastic applewood smoked bacon – go for the good stuff!
  • A few spears of roasted asparagus
  • one mashed avocado, seasoned to your own tastebuds
  • one thick slice of hearty farm bread

Toast your toast, roast your asparagus and your bacon (400 degrees for 19 minutes is my own oven’s sweet spot for perfect bacon) on the same cookie sheet to save on dishes, mash your avocado while the bacon crisps, and then poach one egg to put right on top. When you break the egg and the golden yolk hits all that delicousness underneath? Bliss.

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