The Almighty Chambray Shirt


(no, that’s not me. That’s a model from a catalog.)

I’ve always been jealous of those people who instinctively know how to layer clothes, make everything look effortless, and seem to be pulled together.

I’m not always this girl.

However, as I have put the brakes on buying new clothes for a while (my closet, y’all…I’m ashamed of how much I own), I’ve been trying to shake up how I mix and match, and making things serve multiple purposes.

Enter the magical chambray shirt from Land’s End.

Now, I’m a busty gal, so I was initially nervous about buying a fitted shirt, but I’ve fallen in love with it, and all the ways I can wear it! Here are my ways…what else should I try?

1.  Layered under a cozy sweater

2. Pop the collar with a cute scarf

3. Jacket-style, open over a tank

4. Belted with a tank underneath

5. Buttoned and layered over a tank with a statement necklace

What’s your magical piece this winter?


Shirt:, $59

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