Do You “Save” Nice Things?

Hands Holding a Lit Candle

I am a hoarder of candles.

(No, I’m not a doomsday believer who is stocking up, I swear.)

It’s true, though. I have candles of all shapes and sizes and smells all over the house. Whenever I find a yummy smelling candle, or a pretty candle, or a good bargain on one, I’m compelled to buy it and add it to the collection in my home. I ADORE candles.

But the funny thing is…I never seem to burn them. For some reason, I have a compulsion to “save” them for a special occasion. Isn’t that odd? Why would a simple candle be unworthy to burn, simply because it’s a Tuesday night, or I’m only going to enjoy it for an hour before I go to bed? Why do we have this weird hangup about using “nice” things like the good china, or real cloth napkins, or pretty journals that haven’t been written in?

And why is one thing “too nice” to use, but not others? I never hesitate to use real china for dinner, or have my mother’s precious Waterford crystal vases out for display.

So why on earth do I not think I’m worth lighting a few candles for comfort and warmth on a winter’s night, Tuesday or no?

So, silly though it sounds, this year, one of my resolutions is to burn my candles – to enjoy them, to make a ritual out of them. Because the fact of the matter is…I can always buy more candles.

I’m worth the comfort.

Are you? What items in your home are “too nice” to use? If you make this resolution too, let us know!


One Comment

  1. Beth

    Such a timely reflection for me. I am engaged in the big downsize of a home with four generations of “stuff” filling every corner, 100+ silk scarves and at least that many handkerchiefs, a dozen or so evening bags, jars of buttons, boxes of sewing trims, beautifully embroidered pillow cases, sheets, table linen and yes a box of lace neck-wear. I too have the goal of bringing much of it into the light and at least finding joy in the looking and touching of such finery. Be careful what you take the responsibility of owning.


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