Latest Reads

Time for another “reading roundup”! Here’s what’s been on my nightstand lately…


My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout is a novel about nothing – and everything. This slim novel (less than 200 pages) is about Lucy, who spends nine weeks in the hospital (we never really know what for), and her estranged mother comes to visit. Through this, we learn some of Lucy’s backstory, stories from their hometown, family dynamics and of course, this is all done in Strout’s compelling writing. I personally prefer more plot and movement from the characters in my novels, but if you enjoyed Strout’s Olive Kitteridge, you’ll enjoy this!

Little Victories by Jason Gay is a slim non-fiction book that is a joy to read. Wry and smart, Gay shares, chapter by chapter, good rules for living, while also weaving in his own memoir – the passing of his father, his own cancer journey, rules of etiquette and more. Each chapter is a bite of humor and guidance for an “imperfect life”. I really enjoyed this one!

The Ex by Alafair Burke is a solid stand-alone suspense novel (Burke also writes the Ellie Hatcher series) taking place in New York City. Olivia hasn’t seen her ex, Jack, in 20 years, but when he is accused of a heinous crime, she is pulled back into his life – and all the complications and emotions that go with that. This is a solid suspense novel – easy to read, satisfying and well-written!

I also have been continuing my quest to reread the entire Anna Pigeon, Park Ranger series by Nevada Barr, and have finished Firestorm, Ill Wind and Endangered Species recently!

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