Girly Reads

C’mon, sometimes I just need to hunker down with some frothy, girly romance novels – don’t you?!


Get Lucky by Katherine Center is just a cute read, but not nearly as captivating to me as my previous read, Happiness For Beginners. In this novel, Sarah goes home to Texas after being fired, and through a series of events, decides to be the surrogate for her sister, Mackie. What follows is the nine months of Sarah’s life through emotional ups and downs, new jobs, new loves, and a bond forged between sisters. I enjoyed it, but I liked her other novel better!

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover was a little bit like homework – Hoover is such a big name in the “New Adult” fiction realm I felt I needed to read her! This was a solid romance, though there was a major plot point that so seriously stretched the realm of possibility that I had trouble taking it seriously. Still, good for the “new adult” in your life (ages about 18-28, or anyone who enjoys that genre of read!)…

My American Duchess by Eloisa James…you know it’s going to be a winner when James writes, and this one is! Featuring an American (gasp! this never happens in Regency romances!) who is much too outspoken and falls in love too easily, and of course, our haughty, responsible duke who is saddled with a ne’er-do-well twin brother…another great read from one of my favorite Regency authors!

I also read Hard Time and Willing Victim by Cara McKenna, who had been recommended to me and were the “on sale” Kindle titles at the time – and I was pleasantly surprised! Solid plots, great writing, super steamy love scenes, and not “cookie cutter” romances – but not for the faint of heart either. I’m a fan of McKenna!

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