New Non-Fiction

Sorry for the radio silence, y’all! Johnna has been busy pursuing her Ph.D and taking care of her family, and Marissa has been busy with the renovation of her library and lots of Relay for Life doings. The days just slip past us – but we’re getting back in the saddle again, so thanks for sticking with us!

How about a few book reviews to get re-acquainted?


Wild by Nature by Sarah Marquis was about her epic three year journey to walk from Siberia to Australia through some less-than-welcoming countries like Mongolia and Siberia. I wanted to love this book more than I did, but I found the story vague (as though written years later), emotionless (how did she feel when men approached her camp late at night one evening), and at times difficult to read (it took me several chapters to realize Sarah is not a native English speaker, and thus her sentence structure was very different from ours). I wanted more…meat. More emotion. More something – but I admire her pluck!

The Notorious RBG by Irin Carmon is just a fabulously put together book on everyone’s (well, almost everyone’s favorite!) Supreme Court justice! This details Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life, court cases, battle for women’s equality, place in the court and history, and gives lots of “insider insight” into this fascinating woman. Loved it!

Rosalie Lightning by Tom Hart was heartbreaking – but such a worthy addition to what I would call “adult” graphic novels that mean much more than just pretty pictures (graphic novels like Maus or Persop0lis). Rosalie was Tom’s and his wife’s daughter, who died suddenly when she was two years old. This graphic novel is about their insurmountable grief, remembrances of Rosalie, and how they manage to, incrementally, move on. Sad, sad, but a worthy addition to memoirs of grief – just in a different format.

I also read The Big Bucket List by Gin Sander – fun! – as well as The Truth About Him by M. O’Keefe, which was…eh.

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