Noodling Around Non-Fiction

Okay, let’s get back into the swing of things with some non-fiction reviews, shall we?


Hungry Heart by Jennifer Weiner was just… the right book at the right time for me. I love Weiner’s honest voice, and the way in which she takes the reader into her confidence about her childhood, her struggles with her success (and her weight), and the feeling that you’re truly chatting with a friend. Her writing is accessible, honest, and will warm the heart of any woman who has dreamed of being a Weiner of their own…

Housebroken by Laurie Notaro filled my bucket. 🙂 I have long been a devotee of Notaro’s witty and snarky essays, and this one was just what I needed to bust out of a reading rut. Whether it’s sharing dreadfully hilarious tales of her day to day life or sharing her grandmother’s Sunday gravy recipe, Notaro is a winning voice for the everywoman. LOVE.HER.

The Rainbow Comes and Goes by Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper was actually an audiobook listen for me, and I can’t imagine experiencing it any other way. Hearing their voices really humanized their joint story of growing up in the public eye, personal struggles they both overcame, and the obviously tender relationship they share with each other. I really looked forward to listening to this every chance I got…

My (Part Time) Paris Life by Lisa Anselmo is just what is sounds like… Anselmo begins by just visiting Paris a few times a year, but as things change and transition in her life, she thinks about staying longer, until finally she buys an apartment. I enjoyed her “slice of life” point of view of Paris, though I must admit found myself struck with envy at her means to life bi-continentally!

I also read The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson, who I normally love, but this one I found just… boring. Sorry, Bill. 😦 I also read Power Forward by Reggie Love, who served as Obama’s body man for a time – interesting! And finally, I also read Glennon Doyle Melton’s Love Warrior, which just… made me uncomfortable. What she shared and how she shared it both felt condescending and like I was intruding in her private life. Very mixed emotions on this one… though I was sorry to hear she and her husband did end up divorcing after publication. :-/

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