We Know, WE KNOW…


You guys.

You guuuuuuuys….

We’ve been really bad bloggers.

We know. We suck. A lot.

(Look. Even a reproachful look there from Zoe…)

Trips (Vegas! France!), holidays, workworkwork, schoolschoolschool, volunteering… it’s all added up to not enough hours in the day, and not NEARLY enough time for the Stubborn Sunshine girls to even hang out with each other (I mean, other than Gilmore Girls and Sherlock marathons…)! But, it’s a new year, time to start fresh, resolutions and all that, right?

So, to get started… I (Marissa) have a RIDICULOUS amount of book reviews to post, as well as my annual reading roundup. So, how about, for the next couple of days, we just blaze through all those reviews and start the year fresh, yeah?

Plus, we have travel pictures to share, recipes to toss around… there’s more to come!

We promise.

Happy 2017… we’re glad you’re here with us. 🙂


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